Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie NFT Project Launch

Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie
3 min readOct 4, 2021

Our first NFT drop is coming very soon (early Q4 2021)! Give us a follow on Twitter and join the community on Discord.

What is Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie?

Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie is the first NFT collection created by Dandy Lines. In this project we take carefully selected works of art as inspiration to produce unique abstract representations of an image through color, scale and random manipulation by code. By keeping a human element in the process with color selection and scale of the Boogie-Woogie, we can help ensure the random output of the Boogie-Woogie NFT carries over from the original inspiration.

Motivated by the neoplasticists of the early 20th Century, primarily Mondrian, we look to distill the essence of an image through careful color and scale selection while allowing the code to add a randomized element to the art.

Each calendar quarter starting Q4 2021 through Q4 2024 we will release a run of 125 Boogie-Woogie NFTs based on five (5) works of art. That is 25 unique 1-of-1 Boogie-Woogie NFTs per art piece, per run. Total maximum NFTs to be created 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs. That includes the 345 NFTs reserved for Bespoke Boogie-Woogie.

What will you see in your Boogie-Woogie!?

How many NFTs are minted in each run?

Runs will be quarterly through end of 2024. Each run contains only one hundred and twenty five (125) Boogie-Woogie NFTs based on five (5) selected works of art. That is 25 unique 1-of-1 Boogie-Woogie NFTs created per inspiration piece, per run. No inspiration artists will have more than one inspiration piece per run.

Maximum Boogie-Woogie NFTs to ever be minted is hard capped at 1970 as defined in our Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie smart contract.

The mint breakdown is as follows:

  • Run 1 — Q4 2021: QTY. 125
  • Run 2 — Q1 2022: QTY. 125
  • Run 3 — Q2 2022: QTY. 125
  • Run 4 — Q3 2022: QTY. 125
  • Run 5 — Q4 2022: QTY. 125
  • Run 6 — Q1 2023: QTY. 125
  • Run 7 — Q2 2023: QTY. 125
  • Run 8 — Q3 2023: QTY. 125
  • Run 9 — Q4 2023: QTY. 125
  • Run 10 — Q1 2024: QTY. 125
  • Run 11 — Q2 2024: QTY. 125
  • Run 12 — Q3 2024: QTY. 125
  • Run 13 — Q4 2024: QTY. 125

345 reserved for Bespoke Boogie-Woogie NFTs

What drives the Boogie-Woogie process?

There exists beauty in randomness, though it can become overwhelming and sometimes visually disagreeable. We look to balance randomness and control through code to achieve two things:

  • Allow the essence of what we find inspiring in a piece of art to come through
  • Create a unique piece of generative art that is visually engaging and representative of the original

Motivated by the artwork of the neoplasticists from the early 20th Century — most notably, Mondrian — we find the practice of distilling an object or idea to its core visual essence both challenging and rewarding. To explore this area, we look to our artistic capabilities and ability to code. Balancing these two to explore this concept of distillation is what drives the core of Boogie-Woogie.

In short, we love code and we love art. Wherever these two intersect, we’ll dig in.

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Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie

Taking works of art as inspiration, we generate an abstract representation of the art’s color and tone into a Boogie-Woogie. Only 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs.