Boogie-Woogie Bespoke NFTs

Boogie-Woogie is the first NFT collection created by Dandy Lines. 125 NFTs (ERC-721) are released quarterly through year 2024. Only 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFT’s will be created during Gen 1. This includes the reserve of 345 Bespoke Boogie-Woogie’s.

Inspiration Image for Boogie-Woogie #10000001 (Bespoke)

We take carefully selected works of art as inspiration, to produce a unique abstract representation by using color, scale and random manipulation using code. By keeping a human element in the generative process for each Boogie-Woogie, we ensure the resulting NFT is representative of the original inspiration.

Each Boogie-Woogie NFT offers its own aesthetically appealing visual experience. What will you see in your Boogie-Woogie?

What is a Bespoke Boogie-Woogie NFT?

A Bespoke Boogie-Woogie is where you select a piece of art that you love and send it to us to run through our Boogie-Woogie process and create into a 1/1 Boogie-Woogie Bespoke NFT. For Giveaways, Dandy Lines will choose the art for some of the Bespoke’s.

We can Bespoke Boogie-Woogie your selected art or image by running it through our proprietary Boogie-Woogie process to deliver the perfectly customized NFT for you. There are a maximum of 345 Bespoke Boogie-Woogie NFTs available to be created.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Front Cover) was chosen as the inspiration for Boogie-Woogie Bespoke #001. This NFT will be given away on over the next few weeks.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by the Beatles. Released in 1967, the final cost for the cover art was nearly £3,000 (equivalent to £55,000 in 2019).

Pop artists Peter Blake and Jann Haworth designed the album cover for Sgt. Pepper. Blake recalled of the concept: “I offered the idea that if they had just played a concert in the park, the cover could be a photograph of the group just after the concert with the crowd who had just watched the concert, watching them.” He added, “If we did this by using cardboard cut-outs, it could be a magical crowd of whomever they wanted.”

The front of the LP includes a colourful collage featuring the Beatles in costume as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, standing with a group of life-sized cardboard cut-outs of famous people. Each of the Beatles sports a heavy moustache, after Harrison had first grown one as a disguise during his visit to India. The moustaches reflected the growing influence of hippie style trends, while the group’s clothing, in Gould’s description, “spoofed the vogue in Britain for military fashions”. The centre of the cover depicts the Beatles standing behind a bass drum on which fairground artist Joe Ephgrave painted the words of the album’s title. In front of the drum is an arrangement of flowers that spell out “Beatles”. The group are dressed in satin day-glo-coloured military-style uniforms that were manufactured by the London theatrical costumer M. Berman Ltd. Next to the Beatles are wax sculptures of the band members in their suits and moptop haircuts from the Beatlmania era, borrowed from Madame Tussauds. Amid the greenery are figurines of the Eastern deities Buddha and Lakshmi.

Boogie-Woogie #10000001 (Bespoke)

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Taking works of art as inspiration, we generate an abstract representation of the art’s color and tone into a Boogie-Woogie. Only 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs.

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Dandy Lines Boogie-Woogie

Taking works of art as inspiration, we generate an abstract representation of the art’s color and tone into a Boogie-Woogie. Only 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs.